The LS-Dyna Documentation says that in order to execute a keyword file with the *CASE keyword, you will need to append the word “CASE” to the LS-DYNA execution line.

path_to_ls-dyna i=input.k ncpu=-4 CASE

But if you are used to using LS-DYNA Program manager to run your keyword file, you need not switch to command prompt to run keyword files with *CASE keyword.

The following step will save you the hassle of running LS-DYNA through the command prompt

Check the ‘case’ option among the ‘set command line parameters’ options before submitting for run


In case you would like to run LS-DYNA files through command prompt and you are not able to go to the specified file location through command prompt for any reason:


  1. Create a batch file with the commands in the folder containing your .key file (type in the execution command shown above in a notepad and save the file as .bat)
  2. Double click the .bat file or right click and select “Run as administrator”